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If you need to contact us in the meantime, you can reach us on
T: 101

Surrey Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

House Burglaries

Surrey Police have started an operation to deter and detect house burglary.

We will be visiting all the victims and neighbours when a burglary is reported. We need you to be aware of how to prevent burglaries, and report suspicious people or events, so please speak to the residents in your street and pass on the following:

Fit and use an alarm system. Cost from about £900 with a local company.

Fit a safe within the alarmed area.

Always lock doors and windows when going out.

Put door or car keys, wallets and handbags out of sight and not within reach of the letterbox or window.

Set a timer to activate lights each night before dusk. This makes your house look occupied.

Join or set up a Neighbourhood watch scheme and tell them if you are away.

Mark and photograph your valuables, and register them on

Always secure your shed and fit a simple alarm ensuring all your tools are locked away inside.

If you are suspicious of a caller or something unusual happening at a neighbours then report it at the time. Use 101 to talk to the local officers, or if you believe a crime is being committed dial 999.

We live in one of the safest areas in the country so help us keep it that way.

Thank you for your help. John Robini, Crime reduction Advisor, Surrey Police, Waverley.

The Sayers Croft Trust involves the local community, especially young people, in the enjoyment and care of the environment and to make the wonderful facilities of Sayers Croft available to those who otherwise may be unable to access them due to physical, financial or social disadvantage.

Watch out for posters on Fun Days and special events organized for the weekends.

Waverley fly tipping reporting

Please use this form to report flytipping or dumped rubbish in Waverley

fortnightly highways bulletins

See which roads are to be mended in
Waverley plus impending roadworks


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£5 per court per hour – 'honesty' payment system: leave money in the Post Box on the main gate of Kitanaka, Broomers Lane/Rec.

POTHOLES or Highway problems?

Tell Surrey County Council which roads need improving. Visit:


Find out about the movement of bees in your local area...
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Oak processionary Moth

 16 MAY 2016: see Health page for further info

Alert for caterpillar pest in oak trees

People in parts of London, northern Surrey, West Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire are being reminded to look out for and report caterpillars of the oak processionary moth (OPM), which could be damaging oak trees in the area.

They are also advised to keep away from the caterpillars and their nests, because their hairs can cause itching skin rashes and other health problems, and to report sightings to the Forestry Commission.

OPM is a tree pest which was accidentally introduced to England. They feed on oak leaves, and in large numbers they can severely defoliate trees and leave them vulnerable to other pests, diseases and drought.

Their tiny hairs contain a protein which can cause itchy skin rashes and, less frequently, eye and throat irritations and breathing difficulties in people and animals. The hairs can be blown on the wind, and left in their nests on and under oak trees. The greatest risk period is May to July, when the caterpillars are active, although nests should not be touched at any time.

The Forestry Commission, councils and land managers are tackling the pest with a carefully controlled programme of oak tree treatment and nest removal. Alison Field, the Commission's South-East England Director, said the public could play an important role in helping to control the pest by reporting sightings.

“We need reports of the caterpillars or their nests from the public or others, such as gardeners, tree surgeons and ground-care workers, who work or relax near oak trees,” Ms Field said. “However, they should not try to remove the caterpillars or nests themselves. This needs to be carefully timed to be effective, and is most safely done by specially trained and equipped pest control experts.”

Dr Deborah Turbitt, London Deputy Director of Health Protection for Public Health England, endorsed the ‘don’t touch’ advice, saying:

“We strongly advise people not to touch or approach the caterpillars or their nests because of the health risks posed by the hairs. Pets and livestock can also be affected, and should be kept away as well. The Forestry Commission website has pictures to help identify the pest.

“See a pharmacist for relief from milder skin or eye irritations following possible OPM contact, or consult a GP or NHS111 for more-serious reactions. Contact a vet if animals are more seriously affected.

“We have issued advice to local GPs and health professionals to help them identify when patients have been affected by the caterpillars, and to advise them on treatment.”

Infested oak trees should be treated by qualified operators under strict controls to ensure it is safe for people, pets, livestock and the environment.

• Report OPM sightings to the Forestry Commission, preferably with its Tree Alert on-line form available from Anyone who cannot use Tree Alert may email or telephone reports to or 0300 067 4442.

• Health advice is available from the “Insects that bite or sting” area of the NHS Choices website,

• Anyone pruning or felling oak trees in the affected areas should contact Forestry Commission England’s Tree Health Unit beforehand on or 0300 067 4442 for advice about safe removal of the material.

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