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Community Consultation - what next? MARCH / APRIL 2017

A big thank you to everyone who took the trouble to take part in the recent site and housing criteria consultation for our Neighbourhood Plan.

Around one in four of the 1715 adults resident in this parish responded - a very respectable result for an exercise of this nature. There were 437 responses (25%) on the site Identification criteria and 439 (26%) on the housing development criteria. An overwhelming majority of you agreed with each set of criteria - 96% for the site criteria and 95% for the housing development criteria.

Many of you also offered further written comments on these topics which have all been recorded for the Steering Group to examine. We will look at all comments, record a summary of the main issues raised, and consider how we can address them in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Next steps in keeping you informed as we move towards the final NP

Note: further community consultation and a final local referendum will be needed - as shown in purple in the next steps list:

  • All comments sent from the parish community on Neighbourhood Plan issues will be considered when building the draft Neighbourhood Plan.
  • We will communicate the full outcome of the January 2017 community consultation via our regular communications process, including posts on the NP website
  • We will discuss the outcome and content of the January consultation with Waverley Borough Council.
  • We will work with WBC to improve (tighten) the site and housing development criteria, based on WBC observations, WBC Local Plan and your comments.
  • We will get help and advice from WBC to then generate the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, publishing it with all supporting evidence.
  • We will go through the statutory 6-week consultation process on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan - consulting with the parish community, statutory stakeholders and other relevant local councils, groups and organisations.
  • We will consider carefully all comments on the Draft NP and decide whether to amend the Draft NP in their light - recording the reasons for our decision and how the Plan has been modified as a result. Should the modifications to the Draft Plan prove to be ’material’ then the 6-week Draft consultation process will need to be repeated.
  • The final Draft NP, together with supporting documents, will then be submitted to Waverley BC for compliance checks.
  • Once approved,Waverley will publicise the Plan over a 6-week period, and appoint an independent examiner to assess whether the Plan meets various conditions and legal requirements.
  • Unless the NP fails to meet these conditions and requirements (when further modifications will be needed) it will proceed to a local referendum. If more than 50% of those voting vote ‘YES’, the Plan will be put before the WBC Planning committee with a recommendation for adoption as a ’made’ plan. The NP will then form part of the Development Planning Framework for WBC.

Henning von Spreckelsen,Chair, NP Steering Group.

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