The Bells Appeal

Special Event Ringing at Ewhurst
Our church needs to raise money to refurbish the mechanism for its 8 bells and to replace the two oldest bells which date back to 1450.  They have been rung for thousands of events over the years.  An appeal is being launched to raise money to restore them so they can safely continue to be rung for many years to come.  We have to raise some £50,000 as the bells have not been refurbished since 1938 and there is much to do.  We are having some success in applying for grants but to raise awareness, we have offered to ring the bells for special occasions for Ewhurst residents, such as birthdays and anniversaries for a minimum donation of £80.  Notices giving details of these ringing events will be posted on the village notice boards and the sponsor will be invited to attend the ringing if they wish, with their family or friends.

We are also appealing for sponsors of the new bells and are charging £2,000 for a quarter of a bell, £4,000 for half a bell and £8,000 for the complete bell.  Sponsors will have their name on the bell and also be commemorated in the bell tower.  Further fund raising events are planned over the next year and we will keep you informed as to the progress.  For bookings and further information, please contact Jan Jesson, 3 Mascalls Cottages, The Street, EWHURST GU6 7RA.  Phone 01483 276655;