Baptisms at St Peter and St Paul, Ewhurst

Many parents still want to have their children baptised as babies or young children. Others decide that it should be left until the child is old enough to decide for his/herself. The church is always happy to welcome new members through Baptism, as either children or adults.

Baptism is usually done during a 10.30am service on the 3rd or 5th Sunday of the month.  This is so that the new member can be welcomed by the church as a whole.  However, if this is not possible, alternative times and days can be arranged. However, if possible, the “new member” is asked to come to a set service in the near future so that they can be welcomed by the church congregation.

There are costs involved, depending on whether the baptism is part of a set church service or is done as a separate ceremony.

Set Cost

The set cost for any baptism, whenever it is held is

*Baptism certificate               £12.00       This is a legal cost and MUST be paid

If you have a separate ceremony, which is NOT part of a service, you may want to have parts to the service which you will be asked to pay for.

Extra Costs

*Verger and cleaning                        30.00
*Heating(if applicable)                       30.00
Organ and organist                           85.00
Bells and Bellringers                         70.00
Choir                                              120.00

  Video rights within the church can be arranged on an individual basis.

*These costs MUST be paid

It is best to contact a member of the clergy, as soon as possible, once you have decided on Baptism, as various details need to be sorted out before the Baptism ceremony.  The parent(s) are expected to have meetings with the clergy member who is going to do the baptism. This is so that all aspects of the ceremony and its meaning can be discussed and sorted out well before the actual ceremony.