Funerals, Service of Thanksgiving, Memorial Service and Burial of Ashes

A lot of the organisation for these services is done by the undertaker that the family have chosen, and the undertaker will liaise with the church.  The undertaker will have details of possible costs involved with the different services.  They will also liaise with the church on burials and headstones, including the burial of ashes and memorial plaques, if this is to be in the church grounds rather than at the crematorium.

The funeral service itself can either be at the church, a crematorium or other suitable venues.  If it is at a crematorium or another venue, with just close family, this can be followed immediately by a Service of Thanksgiving at the church for a wider congregation.

Memorial services are usually held a while after a funeral so that people who were not able to attend the funeral or Service of Thanksgiving can celebrate the life of the deceased.

If the deceased is cremated, the burial of the ashes can be led by a member of the clergy with a short religious ceremony.  This can be at the church or at the crematorium, depending on where the ashes are buried.

The clergy at St Peter and St Paul will liaise closely with the family of the deceased once the date, venue and service format(s) have been decided by the family and their undertaker.  They will discuss the service(s) with the family and what they would like to be included in the service(s) chosen. 

The Church may ask for contact details of the next of kin, as during the church year, there are special services held for people to remember loved ones and invitations are sent out to those who may like to come. The church also provides bereavement support within the church community.