Surrey Police Contacts

Cranleigh & Ewhurst
PCSO Nicole Martin 12402
Cranleigh Police Post
Cranleigh Leisure Centre or Mobile Post outside Natwest Bank on Tuesday afternoons from 4.00 pm until 6.00pm

Dial 101 for non urgent (15p cost for any call length)
or 999 for emergencies
01483 482111 ( EXT 38883)
Ellen's Green
PC 2333 Dave Hill Mobile: 0845 1252222
Extension: 157785
Main Office: 01483 639586
Personal Extension: 01483 631653
Fax: 01483 634868

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PCSO James Ansell advises
Always ask for ID from callers
Dont leave your keys near the door as peaople have easy access to them while your back is turned
Amendment to Dangerous Dogs ACT: please see below for details
Dangerous Dogs Act Amendment
This now covers incidents that take place on private property - so please take note
Please also note that from April 6 2016 all dogs must be chipped