The Church Gift Day

St Peter and St Paul Gift Day

Our Gift Day is held annually on the Saturday closest to our Church Patronal Day.  The Patronal Day is when St Peter and St Paul, our church saints, have their Saints Day in the church calendar.  This is usually during the morning of the last Saturday in June.  A table and collecting tub are set up outside the village shop to give people the opportunity to donate and to meet people from the church.

Prior to this, leaflets explaining about the Gift Day are delivered to every house in the village. The leaflet explains why the Parish Church needs support from the wider village, not just from those who regularly come to our lovely church.

 The regular church goers donate enough money to pay for the church Ministry. However, after that is paid, the church still has to find the money to pay for all the running costs such as, utility bills, church and churchyard maintenance, stationery, music and office expenses.  These are the costs we are unable to fully cover and why we ask the village for help. Each year, we have a deficit of over £20,000, but then, with the generosity on the Gift Day, our Fund Raising events and careful management, we reduce this to just over £2000.00.

This means we have still had to resort to the undesirable measure of drawing on church reserves to cover running costs.   This can only go on for a limited time before our reserves run out.  After that, we could lose our own Rector and not get anyone in his place.  The people in the Church feel very strongly that they do not want this to happen. But without more money coming in, it could.  Losing our own Rector could also impact on this community as the church becomes less able to deliver what Ewhurst expects of it.

 Please be aware of this when it comes to our Gift Day and also perhaps consider making a regular monthly donation towards the running of our lovely church.