What Is Stewardship?

Church Stewardship - what does it mean?

Stewardship means to take care of something held in trust for another person.

In our village, we hold our church building and the work that we do in trust for future generations.

Some of us may just want to know there is a church in the Village where our children and grandchildren can be baptised, married and finally buried.

Others may want to be able to experience more than just a lovely old building that is there for special occasions; they may want to play an active part in a church community that has worshipped here for over 900 years. Throughout that time our Parish Church has played an important part in village life, working to care for and bring together everyone in the village.

All of this requires a commitment to Stewardship from all of us who want to see the church and its place in the community live on.

You can play your part in the Stewardship of our church in a variety of ways.  One is by giving money for the upkeep of the church buildings and its surroundings. Another is by supporting the work that the church does, either with money, or giving your time and talents. Our church ACTIVITIES BOOKLET will give you ideas for this.   Help like this, as the need arises, is always appreciated; the church could not exist without these gifts of money, time and talents.

In order to safeguard the church’s future, we need to plan ahead. This is much easier if we know in advance, how much money we have coming in. Regular giving, known as Planned Giving, helps this.

Planned Giving is agreeing to give the church a set amount of money (decided by you) each month/quarter/year. This makes managing the church’s future less of a lottery.

Please think carefully if you could be part of the Regular Giving Scheme – it does make a real difference to how the church can continue and develop. The scheme is completely confidential and under your control.