Wills & Legacies


1.  Wills and Legacies - An Explanation

2.  How Your Gift Legacy Can Help The Church

3.  Bequests And Wills

4.  Leaving A Legacy To The Church - Using A Codicil






1.  Wills and Legacies

Making a will is an important decision. Taking this important step will be of great benefit to your family and others that you want to provide for in the future.  It makes their future more secure and settled at a time when they will be feeling such a sense of loss.

The organisation Will Aid offers to draw up your will for free, during the month of November, in exchange for a donation to a charity.  To find solicitors in this area who are participating, visit www.willaid.org.uk

Over time, St Peter and St Paul’s has benefited from legacies given by both church goers and friends.

Leaving a Legacy to the church in your will means that you are helping future generations in the village to continue to have our beautiful church in their midst for weddings, christenings and funerals as well as somewhere quiet and peaceful to reflect when they need to.

Your legacy can also ensure that the community life of the church within the village can be there whenever it is needed to support and guide people through life’s journey.

The church leaflet Bequests and Wills explains this more.

If you have already made your Will, you can add a bequest to the church by using a codicil.

A description of how to do this is shown in the document “Changing your Will using a Codicil

If you consult your solicitor about this please use the wording on this form.



2.  How Your Legacy Gift Can Help The Church



3.  Bequests and Wills




4. Leaving a Legacy to the Church – using a Codicil

Changing your Will in order to leave a legacy to the Church is very straightforward.  You simply add a Codicil.

A Codicil is an addition or alteration which lets you add extra gifts or alter the amounts of the ones you’ve already made—rather like a PS to your Will.

Each time you wish to make a change to your Will you can simply prepare a further Codicil.  You can have as many Codicils as you like as long as they clearly refer to your original Will, and you should keep them in the same place as your Will.

The following form of Codicil can be used if you wish to make a money bequest to the Church:

“I ……………. of (address) declare this to be the (first, second, etc.) Codicil to my Will dated …………..

In addition to the provisions of that Will I give to The Parochial Church Council of St. Peter & St. Paul Parish Church of Ewhurst, Surrey, the sum of £ xxx free of all taxes and duties for the general purposes of the Church and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of the PCC shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

The Codicil should be signed, dated and witnessed by two independent people.

Please consult with your Solicitor if you wish to make an alternative form of bequest to the Church.